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Pops Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors Variant by Dan Parent / Flower Power Wallpaper Variant BUNDLE

Pops Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors Variant by Dan Parent / Flower Power Wallpaper Variant BUNDLE

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Dan Parent's Cheryl Blossom tribute to Bob Montana's classic 1951 "Archie Comics #48" cover for "Pops Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors". The back cover is the original "Archie Comics #48" cover.

Ships together with a "Flower Power Wallpaper" Variant by Dan for a 2022 Archie comic.

Transparency Statement

Each variant was limited to 250 copies.


Due to the nature of producing comic books, some copies may present minor visual imperfections. We guarantee a minimum of 9.2 condition of comics unless otherwise stated. We cannot guarantee 9.8 grades.

Due to the limited inventory, these comic books are sold as is. Products have been reviewed for quality control and priced accordingly. No exchange, refunds, or returns.

SOLICITATION: Pop Tate is the glue holding Riverdale together, whether everyone realizes or not. His Chocklit Shoppe is the beating heart of the city, where everyone can stop in for a delicious bite and some safe haven-even the worst sorts. And not just the run-of-the-mill rapscallions who recently broke the jukebox. When a young Riverdale couple (Nick St. Clair and Sherry Thyme) attempt to dine and dash on the humble small business owner, they quickly discover the fryer grease isn't the only heart-stopping thing about the Chocklit Shoppe. From tales of mystery meat to the unnatural visitors that dine late at night, this anthology tells stories about the horrors that happen at Riverdale's beloved malt shop-and how Pop Tate is at the center of it all, the most powerful figure in Riverdale providing haven to all sorts of terrors and underhanded villainy.


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